What We Sell

Lollipops - Big Top (Round Pops)

ROUND POPS : 10pc x 24 bags x 3 boxes

BT401 Mixed Fruit

BT402 Sour Pops

BT403 Blue Pops

ROUND POPS : 50pc x 18 bags

BT101 Mixed Fruits

BT102 Sour Pops

BT103 ABC Mix

BT104 Colour Pops

BT108 Milk Pops

BT109 Sea Salt Pops

ROUND POPS : 50pc x 18 bags

BT501 Mixed Fruits

BT508 Milk Pops

ROUND POPS : 110pc x 8 jars

BT201 Mixed Fruits

BT202 Sour Pops

BT203 ABC Mix

BT204 Colour Pops

BT208 Milk Pops

BT209 Sea Salt Pops

ROUND POPS : 200g x 50 bags

BT301 Mixed Fruits

BT302 Sour Pops

BT303 ABC Mix

To strive for excellence & become one of the global leading confectionary manufacturers by bringing happiness to both children & adult alike with our high quality products.

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